Health and Estate Planning

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Dealing with Medicare part A (Hospital), part B (Medical), part C (Advantage or Supplement), and part D (Prescription) can be a daunting task and is something that you should never leave to chance.  Work with a specialist that does this everyday to help walk you through what will work best to meet you healthcare needs in retirement.  

Long-Term Care

Many of us have had to deal with the reality of long-term care services for a loved one.  This is a major risk to any retirement income plan/portfolio and should always be addressed.  As this becomes a larger issue with higher demands for services we expect the insurance and provider market to adjust with innovative products and services to help individuals meet their long-term care needs.  

Estate Planning 

The complexity of your estate plan can depend on the overall size of your estate and how much you would like to control how everything passes along to your heirs.  We strongly believe that working with an estate planning attorney can be worth its weight in gold for the piece of mind that our clients have after putting a proper plan in place.